Andrew Vernon

I’m a seasoned digital marketing consultant with a rich background in graphic design and a passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A Visionary Digital Marketing Expert and AI Enthusiast

Welcome to my world where creativity meets technology!

My journey in the dynamic field of digital creativity began at the famous College of Building and Printing in Glasgow (People make Glasgow building). It was here, amidst an apprenticeship at a local print shop, that I first laid hands on one of the pioneering Macintosh SE/30 machines – a groundbreaking moment in design history. This early exposure to cutting-edge technology ignited a lifelong love affair with digital innovation.

My professional career took a significant leap forward with Trader Media Group. Over 15 years, I transitioned from a graphic designer to the deputy production manager for Scotland, overseeing magazine production. Amidst an evolving digital landscape, I foresaw the impending shift from traditional print to online media. This foresight spurred me to self-educate in website design, leading to the inception of a business venture in 2008 – Domain Design Agency.

At Domain Design Agency, I transformed from a graphic designer to a digital marketing specialist. Specialising in search engine optimisation and becoming a Google Ads PPC specialist, I propelled the agency from a budding startup to a powerhouse in the digital marketing domain. My work caught the attention of the local business gateway, and soon, I was leading a business accelerator course, imparting my knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

My ability to think quickly and outside the box, combined with an innate problem-solving, has consistently kept me two steps ahead in this fast-paced industry. This unique approach has led to remarkable successes, including boosting client sales by as much as 600% in a 12 month period and achieving over 1000% return on investment on digital marketing advertising spend.

But it’s not just about numbers. My acute attention to detail and proactive problem identification are traits that set me apart. These skills, along with my deep-seated love for technology, naturally led me to the revolutionary field of Artificial Intelligence. The potential of AI to reshape business and daily life is something I find exhilarating.

I believe that AI is not just a tool but a game-changer that will redefine how we live and work.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, I remain committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, embracing the possibilities that AI brings. Join me on this thrilling journey as we explore the future of technology and digital marketing, one breakthrough at a time.


HND in Design and Print + Self Taught


Digital Marketing, 'Real Life' Business Knowledge & AI Engineering

Life Skill

Understanding where a business needs to spend to grow and get 'real' results.

Current Work Time

You can’t be successful without putting in the hours. My heart is currently in AI. The results are incredible and nothing comes close to the feeling you get when showing business owners what AI can do for them. It’s truly incredible. The future is about to get very interesting.

Digital Marketing
Marketing Consulting
AI Engineering
Leadership and Growth at Trader Media Group

Over 15 years of service becomeing Deputy Production Manager, demonstrating strong leadership, loyalty and the ability to drive significant growth in a major organisation

Incredible 1000% Return on Investment

Worked hard to get my client 'Universal Coffee' an incredible 1000% return on investment for their digital ad spend.

Foreseeing Industry Trends

recognising the change from print to online and now manual tasks to automated AI tasks.

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