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AI Client Manager

Your Own Fully Trained Customised AI Client Manager that sounds and acts just like your best legal team, engaging, qualifying and even booking your enquiries into your diary 24/7 for you to then get in touch.

78% of all prospects search for lawyers online. Your AI Client Manager instantly engages with enquiries, before your competitors do.

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How it Works

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Inbound Enquiry

Inbound Enquiry Comes In And Clients Are Captured

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AI Client Manager

AI Conversational Assistant Instantly Makes Contact Via Live Chat, SMS Or Email

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Enquiries Engaged

All Enquiries Are Engaged With Personalised, Empathetic And Helpful Conversations

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Book In Appointments

Your AI Client Manager Will Book In Calls / Appointments For Your Team To Convert The Best Qualified Customers In To Clients

Best qualified Clients

Make sure your team only speak to the best qualified clients

Convert Clients

Convert clients at the right time, with laser focus

Instantly Responds

Instantly responds to new enquiries with your AI Client Manager trained with your specific qualifying questions

Notes Summarised

All conversation are viewable for your team in our CRM system.

About Us

Insightful Intelligence At Your Fingertips

An Ai Platform
You Get Your Own Goal Orientated Custom System And Can Monitor Performance.

Once We Set This Up For You, All Actions Are Automated. Sit Back And Relax!

Rich Data
See How Enquiries And Clients Are Behaving In Our Interface.

Smart Insights
Empower Your Legal Team With Deep Insights So They Learn How To Improve Their Own Sales Skills.

  • An Ai Platform
  • Automated
  • Rich Data
  • Smart Insights
Database Reactivation

Looking To Get New Personal Injury Clients?

Resurrect Dormant Clients for Substantial Financial Gains

Balancing client quality and return on investment often feels like a precarious see-saw for legal firms. A slight adjustment on one end can send the other plummeting. The perpetual need for new clients compounds the problem, creating another see-saw effect.

Leverage Your Database – A Strategic Business Asset

While many legal firms focus solely on acquiring new clients, your existing client database remains an untapped goldmine. Our Database Reactivation AI operates seamlessly in the background, engaging with old prospects, preparing them for potential legal representation, and seamlessly transitioning them to your team for closure. No additional expenses on advertising or advertising acquisition bills are required to secure these additional clients. Instead, capitalise on clients that have already been paid for and previously considered inactive. Break free from the 'Sales See-Saw' and achieve the return on investment you've been longing for.

Empower Your Legal Practice with Database Reactivation AI:

• Initiate meaningful conversations with dormant prospects • Prepare prospects for legal representation seamlessly • Capitalise on existing paid-for prospects that were once abandoned • Escape the cycle of perpetual spending on new clients

Get A Demo

Experience the Power of AI in Action

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a demo is worth a thousand pictures. Witness first hand how our AI engages with potential clients in a natural and compelling manner, alleviating your team from repetitive tasks.

With AI streamlining operations and unlocking new levels of return on investment, you can focus on the aspects of your legal practice that truly matter.

Ready To Revolutionise Your Approach To Client Conversion?​

Request a demo now and see how AI can reshape the future of your personal injury law firm.With AI streamlining operations and unlocking new levels of return on investment, you can focus on the aspects of your legal practice that truly matter.

Our Team

Meet The Team


What our client says

Simon Chiswell
Operations Manager
Mark Aikman
Neeraj Puri

“Their AI communications assistant revolutionised the way we interact with our clients. It effortlessly handled inquiries from customers, and guided them to a sale. A true business-enhancing innovation!.”

“Using their services was a game-changer for us! Their AI communications assistant transformed our customer engagement. We're thrilled with the seamless communication and increased customer sales.”

“As a dental practise, I was amazed by the personalised experience their AI communications assistant provided. It felt like having a dedicated assistant around the clock. It significantly boosted our sales and efficiency.”


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